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Our collection highlights an exceptional craftsmanship, handmade by our master patina artists. This work requires a perfect mastery of the material and the colors.  
Our patinas may require no less than 6 hours of work to make your pair of shoes unique and exceptional.  
 With Courtiseur, we wanted to democratize and modernize this know-how until now reserved for large luxury houses.

 A work of art requires time and talent, the same goes for your pair of Courtiseur.

Patina Artist

The patina artist applies the dyes manually to the fully assembled shoe, with the usage of white cloths, brushes and sometimes sponges, to create a unique look on each and every pair of shoes. With attentive care and superior savoir-faire, a dedicated craftsman perfects the personality of each pair of shoes, helping forge their special “soul”.

Very few artists lead this new art, and we are proud to work with the best patina artists in Europe.

Discovering new coloring techniques and using secret recipes and materials makes the patina artist job a very skilled and unique one. A good patina artist is able to reproduce a color precisely on demand, and uses it effectively on shoes as also on belts, bags or any other luxury leather goods.