Our collection highlights an exceptional craftsmanship, we only work with human-size workshops know for their savoir-faire. From the Goodyear construction of the shoe, the handmade patina, or the painting of the sole, we pride ourselves to highlight a true craftsmanship and savoir-faire.


Patina Artist

Our handmade patinas may require no less than 6 hours of work to make your pair of shoes unique and exceptional.  
 With Courtiseur, we wanted to democratize and modernize this know-how until now reserved for large luxury houses.
 A work of art requires time and talent, the same goes for your pair of Courtiseur.

How it works ? The patina artist applies the dyes manually to the fully assembled shoe, with the usage of white cloths, brushes and sometimes sponges, to create a unique look on each and every pair of shoes. With attentive care and superior savoir-faire, a dedicated craftsman perfects the personality of each pair of shoes, helping forge their special “soul”. This work requires a perfect mastery of the material and the colors. The patina artist job a very skilled and unique one. 



Leather & Fabrics

Leather is the most important building block of each men's shoe, and its production is a process that requires masterful skill. The following rule of thumb holds true for all quality men's shoes: the more the leather has been processed, the higher it is in quality. And this comes, naturally, at a price. 

We are pride at Courtiseur to work with best European tanneries. Our calf tanneries come from Italy (Conceria Tolio) and Spain.